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Strong in Christ

Ephesians 6:10-20

Can we think about what it’s like to be strong in Christ? Being strong is not always being the tough person that society makes us think about, but being able to control yourself from all the sin in the world. God gave us the power and support that we need to be able to be strong in Him. It is crazy to think how many things are happening around us and God still finds time to listen to our individual needs and concerns.

Being a faithful Christian is not easy, but Ephesians 6 sure tells us that we got so many tools and opportunities for us to grow and fight with him. I do not know how many of you guys play video games but in order for you to win you need shields, supplies, weapons, and support from others, depending on the video game. Ephesians 6:13-18 talks about all these tools that I just mentioned in order for us to fight against evil. The great thing is that God has already giving us those tools, we just need to take advantage of what He has provided and use it to defeat evil.

God is coming soon and some of us are scared but remember that being strong in Christ is a reward that will give you the ultimate win… and that is salvation. Take advantage of His tools and remember to always fight the good fight because we know that He is coming soon. Have a great week and remember to always stay strong in Christ.


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